Keynote: United In The Cloud: Where Inclusion 'Winds' Around The World

Deaf and Hard of Hearing WG Co-Chair participates in a keynote panel discussing changes panelists would like to see for the cloud native community to become more inclusive, with a particular focus on members from Asia, Latin America, and people with disabilities.

In this keynote, Nikhita will highlight how the cloud native community has evolved over time, challenges faced by contributors from around the world and how we can build a vibrant home that embraces all voices. Just as the Chicago River flows through the heart of the city, inclusion weaves through the fabric of cloud native development, playing a major role in sparking innovation and strengthening the community’s collective identity.

In the Windy City and beyond, the contributions of these global stewards are key to cloud native’s success. Through this keynote, learn more about how to best support them and address the evolving needs of users and contributors worldwide.

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