Keynote: Hot Dog! The Technical Oversight Committee is on a Roll!

TAG Contributor Strategy Co-Chair along with other TAG leads participate in a keynote panel discussion focusing on the different work each of them do and the benefits they have reaped from participating in the TAGs.

The Chicago style hot dog is iconic for its balance of spicy and sweet flavors and the Technical Oversight Committee of the CNCF is striking a similar balance by picking up spicy issues and working on some sweet changes to enable success in the coming year. Join TOC member Duffie Cooley for an update on what the TOC have been working on and how to get involved! You’ll also hear from some of the amazing leaders in our Technical Advisory Groups. These are groups of technologists that volunteer their time to help the TOC and the CNCF focus on domain specific areas like Security, Runtime and Contributor Strategy to name a few.

As part of the work in 2023 the TOC has been re-evaluating a lot of our existing moving levels structure and TOC processes alongside the TAGs with feedback from maintainers and we’re not done yet! We’ve got a lot to accomplish in the coming months and we are excited to share with you what and how we have been crafting some delicious changes to satiate emerging challenges and we relish the idea that you will come and be a part of it!

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