Lightning Talk: Empowering the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Cloud Native and Open Source

Deaf & Hard of Hearing WG Co-Chair and members introduce the working group and discuss the need to improve accessibility in the ecosystem at KubeCon NA.

During this session, Jon and Rob will present a new CNCF initiative that aims to create a pathway into cloud native for the deaf and hard of hearing (DHH). Diversity and inclusion foster vibrant communities where everyone contributes their unique perspectives and talents. The result: innovation that is more inclusive, higher quality, and a broader set of contributors. But when it comes to cloud native, we have yet to see universal representation of communities with disabilities. And visibility is key because, if you don’t see individuals “like you” thriving in a particular field, it can be difficult to envision your own journey. This initiative aims at creating and supporting patterns and a pathway for Deaf or Hard of Hearing individuals to become active open source community members who can serve as role models, motivating a new generation of engineers to join them on this journey. Join this session to learn why these initiatives are important and what you can do to help.

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