The Future of Open Source Contributions from KubeCon Europe

A chat about contributor experience, sustainability, governance, and guidance

Open source code is part of at least 70% of enterprise stacks. Yet, a lot of open source contributors are still unpaid volunteers. Even more than tech as a whole, the future of open source relies on the community. Unless you’re among the top tier funded open source projects, your sustainability replies on building a community – whether you want to or not – and cultivating project leadership to help recruit new maintainers – whether you want to hand over the reins or not.

That’s where the Tech Advisory Group or TAG on Contributor Strategy comes in, acting as maintainer relations for the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. In this episode of The New Stack Makers podcast, recorded on the floor of KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2022, we talk to

  • Dawn Foster, VMware’s director of open source community strategy
  • Josh Berkus, Red Hat’s Kubernetes community manager
  • Catherine Paganini, Bouyant’s head of marketing and community
  • Deepthi Sigireddi, a software engineer at PlanetScale.

Foster and Berkus are the co-chairs of the Contributor Strategy TAG, while Paganini is the creator of Linkerd and Sigireddi is a maintainer of Vitess, both CNCF graduated projects. Each brought their unique experience in both open source contribution and leadership to talk about the open source contributor experience, sustainability, governance, and guidance.