Build Your Contributor Pipeline

Best practices to improve your contributor pipeline and adapting them to your project’s needs

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Would you like to attract new contributors to your project and grow your contributor base? CNCF SIG Contributor Strategy has developed best practices to improve your contributor pipeline and can help you adapt them to your project’s needs.

  • Attract new contributors to your project with good first issues.
  • Create onboarding materials, such as a contributing guide and onboarding tutorial, to guide their first contribution towards success.
  • Improve the contributor experience, encouraging people to join your community and stick around after their first pull request.
  • Publish a contribution ladder so they see a path from new contributor to maintainer and other project roles.
  • Find a balance between your time commitments as a maintainer and helping new contributors.

Whether you are a new sandbox project or an established graduated projects like Kubernetes, you will come away with a realistic actionable way to sustainably grow your community.

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