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Lightning Talk: Empowering the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Cloud Native and Open Source

Deaf & Hard of Hearing WG Co-Chair and members introduce the working group and discuss the need to improve accessibility in the ecosystem at KubeCon NA.

From Māori to Deaf Engineers, Welcoming all Contributors

Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Mentorship WG members discuss the importance of inclusivity and accessibility in the cloud native ecosystem.

Keynote: Hot Dog! The Technical Oversight Committee is on a Roll!

TAG Contributor Strategy Co-Chair along with other TAG leads participate in a keynote panel discussion focusing on the different work each of them do and the benefits they have reaped from participating in the TAGs.

Keynote: United In The Cloud: Where Inclusion 'Winds' Around The World

Deaf and Hard of Hearing WG Co-Chair participates in a keynote panel discussing changes panelists would like to see for the cloud native community to become more inclusive, with a particular focus on members from Asia, Latin America, and people with disabilities.

TheCUBE interview with Deaf and Hard of Hearing WG Co-Chairs Destiny O’Connor and Rob Koch

In this TheCUBE interview, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Co-Chairs discuss how the working group got started, what they aim to achieve, and why the community needs initiatives like this.

TAG Contributor Strategy: What We Get Out of It (and You Could Too!)

TAG Contributor Strategy members discuss what being part of the TAG means to them, and why they think you should get involved.

Keynote: Building a Sustainable CNCF Project Contributor Base

Dawn Foster makes a case for the importance of building a sustainable contributor base on the keynote stage at KubeCon Amsterdam, 2023.

Helping Open-Source Projects Level Up

A chat about how the group helps communities have smooth journeys throughout their CNCF project lifecycle

TAG Contributor Strategy Livesteam

TAG Contributor Strategy is looking for volunteers in mentoring, contributor growth, and advising CNCF projects

Good Governance Practices for CNCF Projects

Practical advice to create neutral, fair governance structures and processes for open-source projects

Nurturing the Whole Project

Create a welcoming community, publicize your project, level up your contributor base and more

The Future of Open Source Contributions from KubeCon Europe

A chat about contributor experience, sustainability, governance, and guidance

From Storming to Performing: Growing Your Project's Contributor Experience

Set your contributor community on a course to not just survive, but thrive

Measuring the Health of Your CNCF Project: Going Beyond Stars and Forks

Learn which parts of your project are doing well and identify areas for improvement

Turn Contributors into Maintainers with TAG Contributor Strategy

Use a contributor ladder and governance documentation to turn contributors into maintainers

The Maintainer's Toolkit: Must-know CNCF Resources for Project Owners

Learn what resources are available to foster your community, grow your contributors and manage your project

Build Your Contributor Pipeline

Best practices to improve your contributor pipeline and adapting them to your project’s needs

Collaborative Leadership: Governance Beyond Company Affiliation

Understand the benefits and challenges of neutral project leadership in open-source software

CNCF Project Paperwork Working Session

Get help with the CNCF paperwork for your project with templates for all project levels

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