Cloud Native Project Monthly (CNPM) April 2023

Welcome back from Kubecon! This is our Projects update, this will go out once a month letting CNCF maintainers know of upcoming deadlines, outreach or other useful things going on in the wider community of CNCF.

KubeCon EU 2023 Retro Doc

Were you at KubeCon EU 2023? Do you have any feedback to make the event better OR want to gush at the Events team?

Each KubeCon we’ve been collecting community feedback from a subset of folks, but we’d like to open it up to the entire maintainer community.

Thanks in advance!

CNCF Project Summary Table

A lesser-known part of the CNCF Landscape is the Project Summary Table. Part of the Landscape are fields that allow projects to define both typical and business use cases.

Please check and see if your project already has these Use Case fields populated and if not, fill them in with some useful information. If you need help or a launching off point, please check KubeEdge’s Use Cases or contact

LFC Courses

The Linux Foundation has worked with the CNCF and created several courses specific to Open Source and inclusive communication. These are free for anyone to take so please feel free to sign up if you haven’t.

Mentoring - LFX Mentorship

LFX Proposals are open for both Term 02 and 03. If you have proposals, please feel free to open a PR and submit! These are a great alternative to GSoC if your proposal wasn’t accepted. Term 02 - 2023 June - August Term 03 - 2023 September - November

TechDocs Open Office Hours

On the last Wednesday of each month, the TechDocs team hosts Open Office Hours for anyone to drop in with questions about technical documentation. Our next session will be on April 26, 2023, at 8:00 AM PDT. You can find details on how to join us on the public calendar. Hope to see you there!