Jump start your CNCF project by using our recommended templates

We have a project template repository that has templates for everything your project needs to get started and eventually join the CNCF. You can either create a new repository using the repository template or copy just the templates that you require.

Getting Started

  1. Click Use this template and create a copy of this repository.

    Green button that says “Use this template”

  2. Remove .github/settings.yml. This is not a template and contains configuration specific our repository. You should not keep this file.

  3. Customize every required file and address each TODO item.

  4. Security templates may be found in the Security TAG’s project resources folder.

Customize Templates

Each file is a template with instructions to customize the contents for your project. Most files use comments with TODO to call out where you need to make changes. We recommend viewing the files in raw or text form so that you can see the comments.

For example in markdown files, we use <!-- TODO: ... --> to provide additional guidance or indicate where action is required but you won’t see those comments when you view the markdown file in GitHub unless you view the raw text.

Required Files