Contribution Guides to the CNCF Ecosystem

Welcome! Are you interested in contributing to one of CNCF hosted projects? This repository should help you. It contains information and guidelines about contributions to CNCF projects.

CNCF offers multiple ways to start contributing to the CNCF ecosystem, including either foundation-wide and project-wide opportunities.


The Cloud Native Computing Foundation projects are listed below, together with the brief information on contributing to them.

Graduated Projects

Project Name Focus Primary Language
Kubernetes Orchestration Go
Prometheus Monitoring Go
Envoy Service Mesh C++
CoreDNS Service Discovery Go
containerd Container Runtime Go
Fluentd Logging C, Ruby
Jaeger Distributed Tracing Go
Vitess Storage Go
TUF Software Update Spec -
Helm Package Management Go
Harbor Registry Go
Rook Storage Go
TiKV Key/Value Store Rust
Linkerd Service Mesh Scala,Go
etcd Key/Value Store Go
Open Policy Agent Policy Go

Incubated Projects

Project Name Focus Primary Language
gRPC Remote Procedure Call Go
CNI Networking API
Notary Security Go
NATS Messaging Go
CRI-O Container Runtime Go
CloudEvents Serverless -
Falco Container Security C++
Argo CI/CD Go
Dragonfly Image Distribution Go
SPIFFE Identity spec Go
SPIRE Identity Go
Contour Networking Go
KubeEdge Edge Go
Buildpacks Packaging Spec Go
Cortex Monitoring Go
KEDA Event-driven autoscaling Go
Thanos Monitoring Go
Flux GitOps Go
OpenTelemetry Telemetry Spec Go
Dapr Framework Go
Cilium eBPF Networking & Security Go, C
Knative Serverless & Event Driven Applications Go

Sandbox Projects

Project Name Focus Primary Language
Telepresence Tooling Go
OpenMetrics Security Go
Virtual Kubelet Nodeless Go
Keptn Event-driven orchestration Go, Angular
Brigade Scripting Go
Network Service Mesh Networking Go
OpenEBS Storage Go
in-toto Security Python
Strimzi Kafka Operator Go
KubeVirt VM Operator Go
Longhorn Storage Go
ChubaoFS Storage Go
Service Mesh Interface Service Mesh Go
Volcano High Performance Workloads Go
Litmus Chaos Engineering Go
Meshery Service Mesh Go, React, Rust, C++
Service Mesh Performance Service Mesh Go, DevOps
Tinkerbell Bare Metal Provisioning Go
MetalLB Bare Metal Load balancer Go
Karmada Multi-Cloud Orchestration Go
Inclavare Containers Security C, Go
SuperEdge Edge Go
WasmEdge Container Runtime C++, Rust
Akri IoT, Edge Rust
Open Cluster Management Multi-Cluster Orchestration Go
KubeArmor Runtime Security Go, C
K8up Kubernetes Backup Operator Go
Nocalhost Cloud Dev Environment Go
kube-rs Rust Ecosystem Rust
OpenELB Load balancer Go
Devfile Devfile Go
Kyverno Kubernetes Native Policy Management Go
sealer Cluster lifecycle and delivery Go
Confidential Containers Security Rust, Go
Teller Security Go
OpenFunction Cloud Native FaaS platform Go
Aeraki Mesh Service Mesh Go, C++
Clusterpedia Multi-Cloud Go
DevStream Automation & Configuration Go
OpenCost Cost Management Go, Javascript

Non-code Projects

Project Name Focus Primary Language
Cloud Native Glossary Definitions Markdown


The CNCF TOC is the technical governing body of the CNCF Foundation. The detailed information on CNCF TOC, including its duties and responsibilities, together with the information on collaboration is listed on CNCF TOC repo.

Technical Advisory Groups

CNCF TAGs oversee and coordinate the interests pertaining to a logical area of needs of end users and/or projects. More details about the CNCF TAGs is available here.

Note: CNCF TAGs were previously named Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Renaming SIGs was discussed in this GitHub Issue.

Working Groups

Working groups (WG’s) are the community-driven groups with the goal of continuous collaboration in the specific areas. CNCF WG’s are created and curated by the CNCF TOC and driven by the community members. CNCF TOC repo provides more details on the purpose and goals of WG’s, together with the list of them.

TOC Contributors

The recommended way to start contributing to CNCF TOC - acting as a TOC Contributor. Here are more details on goals and purpose of the initiative.

Community Engagement


Cloud Native Ambassadors (CNAs) are individuals who are passionate about Cloud Native Computing Foundation technology and projects, recognized for their expertise, and willing to help others learn about the framework and community.

Successful ambassadors are people such as bloggers, influencers, evangelists who are already engaged with a CNCF project in some way including contributing to forums, online groups, community events, etc.

Details on the Ambassadors program, and information on how to join CNCF as an Ambassador is available here.


The Cloud Native Computing Foundation supports the worldwide community of the Cloud Native meetups. They are listed on website.

CNCF is currently working on expanding the Cloud Native community around the globe, and we are happy to accept the new meetup communities to join our network, and become one of the official CNCF meetups.

Details on the Meetups program, together with the best practices on running CNCF Meetups is available here.

Mentorship Programs

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation participates in various mentoring programs, including:

CNCF is a great place to spend a time learning, coding, participating and contributing. We are an exciting open source foundation with a vibrant community of projects, and we look forward to your application and your project ideas!

CNCF and SoC information is available here.