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Want to help new contributors get started? We participate in and run several mentorship programs!

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Mentoring Working Group is a group of people who focus on mentorship initiatives to encourage the adoption of cloud native computing. Our mission is to provide opportunities for new contributors to work on CNCF projects with experienced mentorship, which helps promote project growth and sustainability. We also offer support and advice to CNCF projects around mentorship initiatives.


  • Increase CNCF project participation in mentoring programs external to the Linux Foundation
  • Increase the number of CNCF projects and mentee participation in the LFX Mentorship program
  • Increase the quality of mentorship that CNCF projects provide across all mentorship initiatives
  • Explore opportunities for CNCF participation in new mentorship initiatives.
  • Diversity in participants, both mentees and mentors
  • Increase both code and non-code projects
  • Develop mentorship by providing a path for mentees to become mentors and providing education for mentors

Mentoring Programs

Mentoring WG manages the following mentorship initiatives:

How your community can benefit

Here are some benefits that the Mentoring working group can provide to communities:

  • Help projects with proposals and applications to mentoring programs
  • Provide mentors with best practices and resources for managing and interacting with mentees
  • Guidance and support for an efficient mentorship execution
  • Promote your project’s mentoring activities and help you find more mentees and, thus, more contributors

You may find links to resources in our repository.

How you can contribute

We are happy to see that you are interested in helping with this working group. We would love to:

  • see you as mentors in the mentoring programs we participate in and organize.
  • get feedback about out guides and documentation.
  • see your introduction email on our mailing list / message on our Slack channel.
  • see you attend our meetings where you can contribute ideas and take responsibilities.

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